When I decided to leave my job, I had all these ideas about how my life would be and go, and some of those ideas turned out as I expected, but not many, and not precisely as I expected, but I suppose that’s to be expected? Our imaginings and reality are nearly always (always?) quite different, n’est-ce pas? Some things turned out way better than I ever could have hoped, and then there have been all the surprises. A better-than-hoped-for example is that I did not expect so much happiness and contentment so soon, so yea for that. Fortunately, the surprises are mainly mundane concerns – no existential angst, or anything like that, thank goodness. Just normal everyday stuff I hadn’t considered. For instance, I now know how much I was addicted to and lucky to have the fine internet access I had at work. My home is in a rural area, with no decent internet available, so today I spent three hours at the public library downtown with all my devices spread about me, catching data and getting powered up. I admit, this may not seem like that big a deal, but not being able to look up or download something easily, instantly, has really altered my day-to-day processing of life! Additionally, I imagined I’d be saving all kinds of money not driving to work everyday; what I didn’t consider was that my electric bill would soar since I’m home turning things on constantly. Another thing that’s tripping me out is how little spare time I have! I’d envisioned lots of down/quiet time, but, ah, yeah, nope, that is not the case! Each day’s to-do list is so long that even my iPad calendar comments on it: “Tomorrow’s a really busy day. You’ve got 27 things scheduled!” Part of the busyness to be sure is because I’ve added several daily tasks, like writing Daily Pages (lots more on that later!) and sticking with my meditation practice, and those take chunks of time (and morning time at that, morning time having always been my most productive time). I’m also cooking up a storm, finishing long wished-for projects and learning new things (WordPress!), along with a daily exercise regimen (ah, lots more on that later too!). So, sounds dumb and duh, I know, but just in case you are as un-thorough as I was, take it from me and be prepared for everyday surprises should you too decide to overhaul your life.

Proust Questionnaire Question of the Day: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

“In reality . . .”

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