Wait, why did I start a blog???

One evening last week, honestly, I just all of a sudden thought “I’ll start a blog!” I had never, ever considered starting one before, nor did I have any idea how to do it, but a couple hours later SchinyDays.net was born. Amazing! Over the past week I have spent countless hours learning WordPress (thanks, WP folks, for the helpful support pages, and especially for using the guy with the awesome voice for the “Adding an ‘about me’ page” video; I’m melting!). I feel quite accomplished (of course, not as accomplished as the people who designed WordPress – well done, folks!), and a little proud. One of the best parts: I’m not feeling any “will anyone read it?” pangs. I’m just stoked to have done it by myself and to have a place to process ideas and get into the habit of writing, because I hereby announce to the universe that on May 18, 2015, I’ll resume working on novels I began years ago. Starting the blog has loosened up my hands and reminded me how pleasurable writing can be. It has also reminded me of the satisfying feelings of dedication, discipline, and diligence.  

So yeah, not writing the blog to address social injustice, change anyone’s views, or get you to buy something. I’m just warming up.

And as Cali Williams Yost is quoted, “I blog because I am.”

Take care, folks!

Proust Questionnaire Question of the Day: What is your idea of perfect earthly happiness?

Sunning myself on a deserted beach, running my hands through warm sand, a soft fresh breeze nuzzling my body, gentle waves lapping the shore, a bowl of fresh fruit waiting for me under a palm tree, no place to be other than here . . . Um, maybe toss in the WordPress audio guy talking to me with his voice like honey?

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