First to California

Drama, drama everywhere! As I waited to board my inter island flight, a shackled, manacled person was escorted on to the plane; then the Honolulu/Oakland flight was recalled from the runway and security escorted a person off the plane back at the gate (and we left about three hours late); at the Oakland airport, ten police officers roped off the bathroom I was in while a person of interest used the facilities! These are definitely not normal events in my secluded neck of the woods. Sheesh.

My neck of the woods:

Not my neck of the woods:

Other than that, I made a new friend named Patty, and found some vegan eats in Santa Rosa (Gaia’s Garden):

Proof I am in California:

And lastly, some shots of Sonoma County in the fall while on some hikes with my sister:

2 thoughts on “First to California”

  1. The picture of Sonoma looking towards a river with red leaves on the path in the foreground and framed with almost blue-ish tree trunks, a green and orange meadow in the back: it’s just gorgeous. It looks like it belongs on a poster or a nature calendar… artful tranquility. Good antidote to shackles and California traffic.


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