Carcassonne, part c

Funny how things turn out. I changed my plans to walk the Midi Canal, and as it happens, the weather would have changed them for me: lots and lots of cold rain in the region. Really glad I’m not miles from shelter in the pouring rain, although it’s a cryin’ shame to be stuck inside.

I spent this morning at le musée des beaux-arts, accomplishing two things at once: getting an art fix and escaping the wet. It is a small museum, but nicely done with lots of quirky art. Afterwards, I wandered Carcassonne (read: got lost). Unfortunately, many sites and restaurants list open hours, but are closed. Fortunately, I did not check the museum’s hours before going, as its website states it is closed today, and I wouldn’t have gone had I looked it up first.

Also fortunately, I stumbled upon a very odd place: le Jardin du Calvaire, a derelict and overgrown replica physical representation of a Christian narrative, set behind thick and high stone walls. It is foreboding, perhaps due to the inclement weather, and inhabited by many robust felines who slunk out of holes in the crumbling brick as I made my way up the circuitous path to the pinnacle, which is adorned with statues of the crucifixion of Jesus. (Whew, that’s a big sentence.)

Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy the art as much as I do.

P.S. Is it me, or does Joseph look a little suspicious?

P.P.S. The title of the work with the young woman holding the book is Portrait de 3 Pommes.

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