Provence in an un-Provence manner

I had a big moment this morning. A big, awesome, golden, happy moment. The downside is that it really was just a moment. Since I am relying on public transport, remote areas are difficult to get to. High on my bucket list this trip was to visit Pont du Gard, and I did that today, and it was fantastic, but it was a ridiculously short stop on a rushed group tour of Provence. I could have spent 8 hours here; we were here for 40 minutes. Forty minutes allotted for this spectacular place! It’s hard to believe. Whatever, I have added a long visit to the area to my list of things to do on my next France visit, along with some up-close time with flamingoes in the Camargue wetlands.

Of the eight people on the the minibus, about half were French speakers, so the guide explained everything in both French and English, which was fabulous for this aspiring French speaker. My abilities and confidence to converse in French are improving daily. Oui, je reviens en France.

The rest of the day was spent visiting some of the official Most Beautiful Villages of France, Roman ruins, a lavender (or as the guide says, lavenger) farm, and the Ochre Trail. I made sure to include a tasty glass of rosé, a specialty of the region.

Some more interesting things the guide said:

Paris is not France.

The weather has been so hot and dry that the vineyards (or as he says, weenyerds) of Châteauneuf-du-Pape were permitted to be irrigated (this is normally against the law of wine-making).

Monaco is merely a fiscal paradise and soccer team of France.

There are many differnecy between the towns.

To Antibes tomorrow!

Note to self: maybe three double espresso not such a good idea.

And some photos:

6 thoughts on “Provence in an un-Provence manner”

  1. Nancy, your photos are just magnificent… I love participating in your trip in this fashion, keep those artworks from your lens coming!


  2. Thank you, Nancy, Ms. Brightspot in my life, for sending such interesting pix and homey commentary. Congrats for so many pix of intriguing sites with so few people cluttering the scene. Brilliant. Clearly you are having a great time out there. Keep doing what you are doing, and please do sip a glass of vin de rose for me. Love it! Comment for the day from da ‘hood: NHW is on steroids! Innocent and harmless curiosity has morphed into intrigue and suspicion of anybody who wanders around our lovely roads. Certain zealous “patrollers” need to take some time to get to know thy neighbors, some of whom have been ID as automatic thieves. Enough, already! Otherwise, ALOHA, Nancy. Dan


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