Bardo Day

Today was a day of travel and learning. This is my 8th trip to Europe, yet I am being constantly humbled by daily activities; let’s call a spade a spade: I am European appliances challenged. Although frustrating, there is an upside. Back track: one semester while I was teaching a writing class, a friend was trying to teach me to knit, and I was a total klutz at it. (My ego would like me to mention that I’m a pretty good crocheter.) Being an unsuccessful learner helped me improve my teaching skills dramatically. This unknowing how to open doors and operate washing machines, etc., is similarly teaching me patience and compassion, or as my beloved professor Dr. Doudna would say, “building character.”

Anyway, this morning at the Arles train station, I saw something that kind of explains why I am frustrated with the place I live and why I love what I fancy as the ‘European mind.’ The first photo below was taken at the Arles train station. I think it’s an awesome mural. The problem is that I would never ever ever see anything remotely like that plastered in a public place on Hawaii Island. It would not be ‘allowed.’ This is a problem for me. Not sure how to solve it.

The Marseilles train station was a study in humanity! I bet every type of human was present today – it was awesome. Diversity is something to be celebrated!

Also, FYI, Marseille is a two-cheek-kiss location.

Antibes does not fit the way I imagined it would be. I have six days here. Time for discovery.

Here are some photos, including one from the balcony of the Antibes rental.

P.S. Bardo is a state of in between.

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