Mozia and salt

Today we toured the island of Mozia and its ancient archeological site, and had another fabulous Mediterranean (and vegetarian!) luncheon while sitting on stone chairs at stone tables, cicadas chirping in the background. Wonderful.

Mainland Trapani is famous for its still-used salt flats, and I bought some salt to use at home, as a reminder of this lovely day. I also heard about a Thailand and Cambodia tour in January I’d love to go on . . .

Here are some photos:



live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

One thought on “Mozia and salt”

  1. Lovely pix and refreshing commentary, Nancy. Thanks. Is Mozia Island a volcano? And, are those sculpture pieces sculpted from lava? Certainly I admire your previous notes and pix, especially from Sicily. Is there a back story of the muscular young guy who had a pig nestled between his legs? I appreciate your note from a comment by a hostess there that the Greeks had a different approach than the Romans when it comes to art and architecture. Are modern Greeks and the Italians similarly different? Will you visit any part of Greece during your current travels? Raining here today, and a bit yesterday, after several dry days. I am entertaining a crew of very cheerful Tongans this week, who are building a massive lava fireplace threshold and insulating wall in my little bungalow. They will finish on Saturday, and I will have to adjust my image and future decor according to this self-inflicted change of scale at my place. I think you will be impressed. I’ll have to re-do my hardwood floor, though, thanks to loads of grit that comes with doing rock walls inside. That will call for another, more planned house warming party, which I’ll work in before you head off to Cambodia. When do you expect to be back in town? Soon I hope. I miss you. Dan


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