Ortygia, and fabulous puppets!

We started off this morning traipsing through the open market of Ortygia (snails for lunch, anyone?), then casually walking past ancient ruins surrounded by laundry hung out to dry – oh, the wonderful continuity of humanity! More lovely narrow streets; more churches; Greek, Roman, medieval, Baroque, and Fascist architecture; and a wedding about to start. Italians at weddings are gorgeous, let it be said, although the memory of a Sicilian wedding in ‘The Godfather’ did cross my mind. Afterwards, we saw a marionette show! Puppets, or the delightful pupi in ItalianI can’t express how lively and awesome this was; the marionettists were a family, including a seven-year old girl. It was so cool! And action packed with sword fights and battles, dragons, infidelity, and retribution!  Afterwards I strolled the town, got a bottle of local wine and a pizza, and watched the nearly full moon rise as the waves crashed against the sea wall. More awesomeness, more great food and more great wine. I’m feeling pretty darn fortunate these days.

Here are some photos:






Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

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