I arrived yesterday to Gozo, after a short ferry from Ic-Cirkewwa, Malta. Unfortunately, my fantasy dream of a pastoral paradise was shattered by roads clogged with noisy vehicles – all praise, though, to the bus drivers who navigate the tiny, snaky roads. But worse was my arrival to a rather unsatisfactory accommodation, which I ditched as early as possible this morning. I’m now sitting by a pool on a very hot October day, fully dressed, waiting to check into my new room, and fuming because the although the owner reluctantly agreed to charge me for only one night, I see that he fudged the charge by entering the amount five separate times. I thought the nightmare was over, but now I gotta deal with that.

FYI, they have ingenious ferries here.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

2 thoughts on “Gozo”

    1. No! No! Gozo is wonderful! It was just to one place I had trouble with, and those folks were British expats, not Gozians. And I’ve found lots of villages that have minimum traffic. Gozo is how I imagine Greece was fifty years ago. And the new place I’m staying at is pretty cool. Also, it’s October, and the weather is WARM and GORGEOUS and FABULOUS.


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