Miami Beach Art!

I checked off two more bucket list items today – visits to the Bass and Wolfsonian museums – and I also took a trip into my past.

The Bass has been closed for a long time, and when I planned this trip, its website mentioned October 9 as the grand reopening, but it turned out it was actually today. I worried that with the free admission perk and long time closure, it would mean entry lines snaking around the block, and you know I hate crowds, but today was my only chance. As it happened, there was no line, and I was actually the first person through the door, and gee, did that give me a thrill!

The museum is not large, but the modern collections are eccentric and exceptional. One huge room consisted of dozens of life-like clown mannequins. Another featured mimes recreating famous (but not materially present!) sculpture! I LOVE MODERN ART.

Next I visited a building I briefly lived in in the very early Eighties. It is now a luxury hotel. I talked my way into a visit of a suite and the rooftop, and got a discount for a future booking to boot!

Lastly, I visited the Wolfsonian museum. Its mission is to “illustrate the persuasive power of art and design” which does not at all capture the sexiness of its Art Deco works and exploration into how objects act as both agents and expressions of change. It’s a wonderful place.

And speaking of sexy, I did not visit the other kind of sexy museum, the one dedicated to Erotic Art, although I snapped a photo of its entryway.

Here are some photos:


Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

2 thoughts on “Miami Beach Art!”

  1. I loved your tour of Europe, and I’m glad you still have the heart to take more photos. It’s not France, but Florida has some good stuff too. Thanks for sharing all your adventures!


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