“Lava has a way of moving people”

That’s my favorite quote of the day (it was in reference to the evacuation holdouts whose homes are near the newly opening fissures).  Apparently lava also has a way of moving roads, as the above photo from Hawaii News Now shows.

It’s been a not boring day, as well as a day of conflicting information.  For example, Civil Defence sent out messages warning us to stay indoors and not drive because of the toxic air and ash fall, while the County told us to drive to various community centers to pick up free particle masks. Various organizations use color coding for danger levels, yet different agencies use different color schemes, so you better remember them all!  Plus, meteorologists, geologists, and vulcanologists speak different languages, and they aren’t clear about what’s happening in other fields; “I can’t speak to that” was a regular response to reporters’ questions. Plus, they are scientists, not public speakers.  So, all in all, good fun, if confusing. Bless all the people who are trying to help.

Outside smells like rotten eggs.  I feel deeply for the folks close to the fissures.  My throat and chest hurt; unfortunately, my new air purifier won’t arrive until next week.  But hey, my house is still standing, and I am very, very grateful for that.

Hat update: it was a three-hat day what with all the ‘stay inside’ admonitions.  I have plenty to choose from if you are in the market for a new hat.  You may think it’s not hat season, but I have some lovely light-weight versions, and they look smashing with masks.  I made an ash-colored one for the blendy effect, and they’ll all protect your do from ash fallout.  Win-win!


I’m going to try and get some sleep.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

If you like, these folks have some great photos and videos: Hawaii Lava Update





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