Shelter in Place update

There was an explosive eruption this morning at the summit. I was awakened at 2:30 am by the fact that my house was VIBRATING, and it continued to do so until after 4 (take away the fear factor, and the experience was not unpleasant!).  But the big explosion? I didn’t feel a thing.  As is the case normally, a Civil Defense warning was sent hours after the event actually happened: I received this at about 7am: Volcanic Activity Summary: At about 0415 this morning, an explosion from the Overlook vent within Halemaumau crater at Kilauea Volcano’s summit produced a volcanic cloud that reaches as high as 30,000 ft asl and drifted northeast. Continued emissions from the crater are reaching as high as 12,000 ft asl. At any time, activity may again become more explosive, increasing the intensity of ash production and producing ballistic projectiles near the vent.

A text instructed us to shelter in place; schools are closed; a brunch with friends is canceled.  However, the porch that I just cleaned a few days ago is currently ash free due to favorable-for-me winds.  Apparently, I cleaned it in anticipation as an ash-measuring tool!

Summit webcam

We’ll see how the day goes, won’t we? I may have just now heard a series of explosions . . .

Stay safe, everybody, everywhere!




4 thoughts on “Shelter in Place update”

  1. Thinking of you- stay safe. Steve and Joy are here right now working on my printer and we are all sending good thoughts to you.


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