So many are suffering greatly

Last night I drove home from a dinner in Hilo. When I reached the turnoff for Lower Puna in Keaau, I saw the whole of the southern sky lit red from the erupting lava and accompanying house and brush fires 25 to 30 miles away.  Although I have spent the better part of the last 17 days reading about fissures and flows and fountaining, seeing the expansive red glow was intensely disturbing.  I’m used to seeing the red glow from Halema`uma`u, from the vantage point of my comfy bed, for goodness sake, but to see it in a place it ‘should not’ be, a place thousands of people call home, was a visceral shock.

Earlier in the day, when I first saw my sister, she immediately asked, “Are you all right?”  Apparently, I had a rather harried look about me.  Yes, I have been feeling stressed, especially since the 6.9 quake.  But seeing that red sky made me feel the idiot for all my worries.  The people in Lower Puna are suffering at a magnitude I cannot begin to comprehend.

If you want to help those folks, here is a link to a Hawaii News Now article about how to do that: help those in Puna.


lava for may 20 b

6 thoughts on “So many are suffering greatly”

  1. Seeing that surreal red glow at night from my own driveway nine miles away really freaked me out too. I thought the lava was erupting at the end of our road. Those poor people who really have lava that close yikes


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