Just one more

The photo above, from Hawaii News Now, is the craziest photo of the eruption I’ve seen so far.

It’s fitting that it’s a doozy because it’s the last one I’m going to post – this will be my last entry about the eruption. Yesterday a friend called my posts alarmist, and the last thing I wish to do is cause needless worry.

I’ll be back when I have other news about my neck of the woods.

Take care, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Just one more”

  1. Telling the truth is not alarmist. You shared the excellent map showing where fools believed the lava flow reached versus where it actually reached. I appreciate your observations greatly and would hope that you continue your extraordinairily well-written observations.


  2. Nancy, don’t stop your blog. Don’t be influenced by one person’s opinion. I certainly don’t agree with that description and possibly many other readers don’t either. Your writing is witty, funny, unique, at times poetic, interesting, fascinating – it’s wonderful! There is always somebody out there who doesn’t agree with what we think, wear, look like, say or write. That should never deter you. You be you. The experience of living with Pele’s angry moods is a unique opportunity for you to spread your wings as a writer. What a fascinating subject to write about from your personal experience…
    Please don’t deprive your readers of your writing. The “alarmist” person could just stop reading your blog and unsubscribe; that is what one normally does with undesired emails, right? Other people still want to read it, don’t punish the rest of us for one person’s opinion.
    Signed: Your fan.


    1. Oh, my gosh!!!! I feel really high right now! Thanks for your kind words. I never intended to stop blogging altogether, just to not write stuff that was bringing more alarm into this already crazy world, but it seems the you-are-being-alarmists did not carry the day.


  3. Pardon me but this is keeping me up at an ungodly hour… It isn’t like there is Lava Flowing, homes and roads being destroyed, people being displaced!?! I for one, will miss your stunning photos, your unique perspective and charming sense of humor! Kindly reconsider your thoughts on this issue! After all you Do LIVE in Volcano 🌋 . Last time I checked it’s flowing.


  4. I definitely would not call your post alarmist, Fox, CNN, ABC, and many other yes. Yours were quite the opposite to me.


  5. Forget alarmist! Your posts and photos are a wonderful real-time record of this life-changing event. Please reconsider for all of us enthusiastic readers who are grateful to you for sharing your reactions and insights. Mahalo!


  6. Hang in there. I have sent your blogs on to others, telling them that Schinygirl is not only a good friend but that she is erudite, witty, and accurate with her writings about our restless volcano. They are better informed to read Schinygirl than they are by watching the TV news guys, who are on competition with the other news guys to produce drama and sorrow, and to feed viewers to their networks.


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