Bergen and boat (I mean ship)

I took a short walk around Bergen this morning including cruising the Christmas market. Oddly, the piped-in Christmas music was all in English, including Hawaii’s Christmas contribution, Mele Kalikimaka. What a trip to hear that 6,791 miles from the islands.

My walk was short because although my new REI jacket kept me cozy, there was a wind off the water that sliced at my eyes, making them tear up like crazy.  The clerk at my hotel said that happens to her too, which somehow made me feel better.

While I waited for boarding to open, I chilled in an upscale hotel lobby that featured a jazz trio playing more Christmas tunes – a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon waiting to board a boat in search of fjords and northern lights, I must say.

So, once on the boat, I discovered a) my cabin has a large window, but a window that people walk by, so I will be on display during the trip, and b) the least expensive option for purchasing wine for the duration is to buy a package deal at the discounted price of SIXTY DOLLARS PER BOTTLE. Looks like I will start my yearly alcohol fast early. Also, I have further concerns about the vegan situation: the first meal was a buffet featuring ten zillions types of meat, including the highlight, goat heads; when I asked about a vegan offering, I was pointed to the tray of gooey cheese lasagna.  Therefore, for dinner I had potatoes, broccoli, olives, pickled beets and salad. Perhaps besides the wine fast I can food fast.

I’ve already attended the obligatory safety demonstration (including admonitions to use the ubiquitous hand sanitizer dispensers – in fact, one is not allowed to enter the dining room without cleaning one’s hands) and heard the sample major-bummer sirens. I snooped around the boat, going everywhere not blocked off. And now the engines have begun rumbling – almost time to head into the night!

Here are some photos of Bergen and the boat. Two posts were sent out today because I was without internet for a bit (the horror!).  Posts will be daily as long as I’m on the boat, and as long as the expensive WiFi works.  Then a rest until my next adventure, where ever that may be.

(The Trump reference below – sorry, not authentic enough for a wall.)

Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to.

4 thoughts on “Bergen and boat (I mean ship)”

    1. Yes, it is definitely an excellent place if one enjoys seafood. In fact, I read that protecting their seafood haul is the reason Norway did not join the EU. And thanks for the schnapps recommendation. I will seek it out.


  1. Maybe you’ll visit a few towns where you can buy some wine. Here’s hoping the food situation improves. Goat heads don’t sound appealing!


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