Norwegian Sea Travel Reality Check

Oh boy, rough seas last night and this morning. I now carry a special baggie in my jacket pocket at all times. I thought I was kickin’ it at first, and then, suddenly, I was not.

We are docked at the town of Ålesund and I am taking advantage of the relative calm to be able to even look at my iPad screen. I could have disembarked for a few hours, but there’s an icy wind I prefer not to spend time with. Plus, that special baggie deal. Maybe I’d feel better on solid land, but I like having my comfy bed nearby as a prone position with eyes shut is my new best friend.

Some good news: using the laundromat on the boat is free, which is a huge surprise considering the high cost of everything else on board. In between washing and drying I roamed the deck in search of photo opportunities, but it’s a bit dreary out there. These shots might help you decide whether or not to take a winter Norwegian cruise. They are also a good example of the Blue Hour.

There’s hope for a display of the aurora borealis in a night or two. Wish me luck.

Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to.

6 thoughts on “Norwegian Sea Travel Reality Check”

  1. If they are handing out the sea sick pills- Meclazine (sp) TAKE THEM! Are you on the working ship? The Hodagarden?? (Sp) GO GET THE PILLS 💊 ginger ale. Miso soup. Good luck! 👍 🌺😘🌊

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  2. I just finished all your postings and am loving your pictures. The snow is beautiful but I’ll stay in the warmth, thank you very much. I look forward to your future posts.


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