We were docked in Trondheim for about six hours today, which I think is one of the longest times in dock – some visits are only 15 minutes.  Once it got light – around ten! – I took off for the city center, and only slipped, did not fall, on the ice.  It was very cold (to me) but it turns out the winter clothing I bought has done me good.

Trondheim is certainly not a contender for most beautiful city, at least not the parts I trekked through.  It is Norway’s third largest city.  That’s about all I can say; I might have stayed a little longer in town, but I overheard a woman at dinner last night saying she got lost and the boat left without her, and I certainly did not want that to happen to me.  Luckily, getting back on board took her only two ferries and a bus, but as we go north, the options of catching up with the boat decrease.

Sadly, my northern lights predictor is showing a zero percent chance of seeing them today.  Perhaps tomorrow; I can only hope.

Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to.

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