We’ve entered the Arctic Circle, and the scenery is super mega awesome (the photo above is of the sunrise, about 10am). I spent a lot of time on deck taking photos, but it’s cold out there, and in order to go outside, the program is: first the wool leggings, then the undershirt, then the fleece lined pants, then the long sleeved wool shirt, then the fleece vest, then the wool neck gaiter, then the wool cap, then the fancy REI jacket, then the gloves. And still I was cold, especially my teeth! No wool accessory for them.

To those who know snow: Hawaii dress code is based on shorts and slippers.

Today’s long port stop was Bodø, and I bravely set off on a walk to visit a museum, although I cannot prove that because I failed to reinsert my memory card in my camera before disembarking. The roads and paths were covered in snow and ice, and I tread very, very carefully: the crew said the walk would take 8-10 minutes, but I hadn’t gone far at the 20 minute mark, which happily was in front of a yarn shop. I had enviously noted a fair bit of knitting onboard, so I took the opportunity to buy supplies to create a new hat for myself (having stretched out the one I brought with me; note to anyone I’ve given a wool hat: do not toss in the washing machine!).

About ten minutes after the yarn shop, the sidewalks got steeper and icier, and anyway it was getting dark (at 1:30 pm!) so I ploddingly made my way back to my cabin, imagining it would be good to feel my toes again. That and the ever present fear of being left behind by the boat . . .

Here are a bunch of photos. I hope you enjoy them because I was almost blown overboard when taking them for you.

Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to.

8 thoughts on “INTO THE ARCTIC!”

  1. Nancy, your pictures are stunning… Thank you for bracing the cold and the railing!! I’m glad you did not get blown off the boat… I now get why you are on this boat, the scenery is just breathtaking.


  2. Fantastic scenery and fab pics! Love those little red houses in Norway 🇳🇴- you need cuddle duds! The best cold weather under things! What a fun trip!


  3. Nancy, love, love, love your photos! Thank you for sharing and for keeping me posted on your travel adventures. Have fun and be safe.


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