As Days Go, This Was a Pretty Good One

Possibly because the weather was pleasant, the water smooth; probably because of the pristine beauty of the Lofoten Islands; and most certainly because it was the best night so far for Northern Lights, it was a rather pleasant day.

(I actually did take these Lights shots. As well as about ten thousand more.)

I hope you enjoy these photos. They say so much more than words can, but I did want to offer one not-very-helpful guide to Norwegian pronunciation: Skjervøy is pronounced Shareway.

Live all you can, and try to see the Northern or Southern Lights in person.

11 thoughts on “As Days Go, This Was a Pretty Good One”

  1. Yay — so glad I am able to follow your travels too Nancy now that I am on your list — never was on it for any of your other trips ;-{ yet back then I may not have had time to follow either — feel blessed every day for the sabbatical time :-} . Anyway, I am super stoked for you that you got to see the lights — they really are other-worldly. I love following your posts as you write just like you’re in the room with me and we’re chatting away with you sharing your experiences from your unique Nancy perspective filled with humor, eloquence and brilliance. Love you and miss you!!


  2. So glad you got your own photos of the Lights–beautiful! I see that you’re heading south from Hammerfest, the Northernmost Town in the World (says one internet site). I hope you have many more aurora sightings as you head back down the coast.


    1. Alas and alack, it’s not likely that I’ll see the lights again on this trip as we move below the Arctic Circle tomorrow, but hey, maybe the sun will go nuts between now and then!


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