I went “up north” to visit this Historical National Park, just north of Kona and slightly west of Costco. My visit to this stunning place served two reasons: for one, well, to actually go after living on this island for 29 years, and two, for a dry run with a small backpack for my upcoming treks in Japan, England and Ireland.

What a knock-out place! I walked miles and miles of trails along the coast, past petroglyphs and ancient fish ponds, under thickets of native woods, through pastures of greenery, and finally across harshly beautiful, shade-less, shoe-eating, foot-tripping a`a flows.

I timed my visit all wrong by starting my hike at exactly noon; I must return when it first opens to catch a softer, gentler light, but I hope these photos give you an idea of its beauty and peacefulness. There were areas filled with tourists (including ones who ignored the numerous signs to leave the sun-basking turtles alone), but away from the sandy beaches I had the trails to myself. What a gorgeous day. I covered almost all of the paths, by my not-quite-Kona-ised skin signaled to me to get out of the sun after 2 1/2 hours, so I still have more trails to explore – hurray!

I hope you enjoy the photos.  FYI, it was about 82 degrees, with soft, lovely breezes coming off the ocean, and sweet fragrances wafting through the air . . . true.


















Live all you can.  It’s a mistake not to.

10 thoughts on “Kaloko-Honokōhau”

  1. Wow, Nancy,You certainly got it right about Kaloko Honokahau. I agree completely with your assessment of that very lovely, mixed plate of scenes.So, you’ll be off to Japan and Ireland soon? Good on ya. I admire your instincts and your zest for travel, you independent soul, you.I hope we will have a chance to chat before you take off again. Happy Trails,Dan


    1. So glad you like the photos. As for stamina, I don’t know, but determination and motivation, definitely. Japan trip is in May. I’ll wait to buy tickets to the UK after I return from Japan, assuming my legs weren’t broken by the Kumano Kodo – this is where I will learn about stamina (or my lack thereof).


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