Before I go on about my visit Mount Takao today, during breakfast the news was on TV, and the opposing weather patterns were depicted as sumo wrestlers facing off! It was cool.

Takaosan is a about two thousand feet tall and hour or so outside of Tokyo by train. It’s said to be a mixture of Buddhism and Shinto, and it looked like a lot of bets were covered up there, what with all the statues and shrines (dogs, demons, archers, slippers, octopi, etc.).

The walk up was lovely and breath-taking, both figuratively and literally: the climb was equal to an impressive 144 flights of stairs. Boom!

Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

7 thoughts on “Takaosan”

  1. Looks like you are having a great time taking in Japan’s beauty. I need to plan a trip back there. One of my bucket list items is to do the train station bento tour of the country. Thanks for keeping up with this blog.


  2. No, it’s a real thing. Apparently, you can get a train pass and travel the whole country trying the unique bentos at each station. I saw a documentary on it.


    1. Okay, that does not surprise me. All stations, large and small, fancy and dingy, are separate little worlds unto themselves. Food, bars, live music, shops, everything is available. But maybe it’s like that in NY too?


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