Mt. Kurama, and mount something else

Today’s train journeys took me on a day trip out of Kyoto to Mt. Kurama and its dozens of holy spots (and monuments to poets!) along the trail over the mountain, but it was a mere 18,000 steps and a skimpy 72 flights of stairs . . .

The walk was mostly calm and beautiful, just me and the birds and a few other hikers, until a group of shrieking American high school students came tramping up behind me. It was a combo group of them and an equal amount of Japanese students, who remained perfectly silent as they made their way through the forest. So different. And embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing . . . I had been noticing how nearly every window I’ve seen from a Japan train has been closed up tight with curtains, which has been very disappointing. However, that was overcompensated for today on a slow-moving local train with the unusual seating arrangement of facing straight out the windows. I scored one of those take-in-all-the-sights seats and was treated (?) to my first ever live show exhibitionists, right there, at eye level, standing on their porch, both facing the train, and, wait, were they smiling at us as they bounced away? Sorry I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo for you. I looked around at the other passengers, but no one reacted in any discernible way. But me, I still chuckle every time I think about it. What a trip.

Anyway, here are some other photos. Enjoy.

Live all you can. But maybe keep some things private?

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