Ukegawa to Koguchi

Gorgeous weather. Lush greenery. Soaring hawks. Extravagant bird calls. Fancy bento. Crap directions. Thirteen miles. One hundred eighty-three flights of stairs. Blisters. Sore toes. End of day: lukewarm beer.

Walk all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

4 thoughts on “Ukegawa to Koguchi”

  1. Hi,

    So much beautiful countryside and colorful food..  Sounds like you might have walked enough!  And I’m happy to read a new saying! When do you return? C


    1. Yes, toe-resting time has arrived, but neck-needs-help time has a
      arrived, too. Perhaps I can relax on the plane. Oh, no, forget that – it’s a red eye and unfortunately I am not able to sleep on planes . . . Wah wah.


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