What Goes Up Must Come Down

As on the Kumano Kudo, whose climbs to high peaks meant an equal decent, so have I moved from elegant lodgings in Kii-Katsuura to dodgy ones here in Osaka: this place was described as a “European palace” but “maybe once a nice place but now, not so much” is more suitable – there are even warnings about “cases of suspicious people intruding into guest rooms”! Plus it doesn’t have a heated toilet seat, the air conditioner whines constantly, it’s right next to the rattling subway, and dang it, I’m here for three nights. Why I am even in this city at all I don’t know, but I believe my suspicions that the person I worked with at the tour company wasn’t actually listening to a word I said are correct.

Sorry all I have to offer are complaints and photos from the four-hour train trip, but as you may know, I have this thing about posting every single day of my travels in order to present a realistic picture.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

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