Fanore to Ballyvaughan

The weather was better today, beautiful even at some moments, yet also sometimes cold and very windy. But it was mostly a lovely day of hiking 15 miles north/northwest along parts of the Burren Way and an area called Black Head. The hike started off innocently enough along broad, open, grassy areas with sweeping views of the Aran Islands and the Irish Sea. Then came the section called the Mass Path, which was miles-long, narrow, brambly, rocky, and muddy, with hidden holes, a steep cliff off to the left, and flowing rivers with sketchy bridges. If you know me, you know I travel alone, and eat alone, and go to the theater alone, and almost always hike alone, but today I connected with some generous-hearted Americans who adopted me for the day. And what luck that was – of all my hikes, without a doubt this was the one day I should definitely not have gone it alone. We walked up hills, down hills, through valleys, over stiles, past ruins, past cows, horses, and donkeys, most of the time within reach of abundant super ripe blackberries and in view of super cool geology.

Anyway, I’ll let photos do the talking – I’ve said enough. Plus, I need to rub my dear feet.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

2 thoughts on “Fanore to Ballyvaughan”

  1. Did you research, before your trip, areas to walk or are you finding places while you are there? Glad it worked out with the adoption.


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