Welcome, um, to Barcelona

I arrived very late last night to my hotel in Barcelona, a supposedly hip and artsy inn that certainly appeared groovily gothic at first glance. But things got pretty weirdly gothic when I was awakened at 3:35 a.m. by the screams of a terrified woman in the next room. First was the screaming, then thumping and banging, then what sounded like a panic button being hit over and over, then alarms throughout the building, then silence, except for a voice in the hall asking, “Are we to go downstairs?”, with someone replying, “I don’t know, I’ll check,” and that was that. Eventually I fell back asleep, and when I queried the staff this morning, they were unaware, unconcerned, and didn’t even bother taking my room number. I’d like to mention this is a highly recommended establishment! What will tonight bring? We shall see.

As for today, it was warm and lovely and bright and dry; just my kind of climate, and quite the opposite of Ireland. I walked and walked and walked all over the city, with its broad boulevards, iconic architecture, and tortured history.

Here are a bunch photos for your consideration. Hope you enjoy them.

Viu tot el que pots. És un error no fer-ho.