I Came for Gaudí’s Genius

And I was in no way disappointed. Sagrada Familia was a revelation, and Parc Güell perfect for a visit to process its grandeur afterwards. Gaudí said, “Everything comes from the great book of nature,” which probably explains why I’m so attracted to his designs. To visit a cathedral with an interior that looks like a brilliant, magical forest, well, it was worth traveling 8000 miles (12,874.752 kilometers).

Enjoy the photos.

P.S. The photos aren’t in order cuz (grrrrr) WordPress . . . or maybe (grrrr) the latest Apple update. They are both contenders for Most Fricking Frustrating Technology.

Vive todo lo que puedas. Es un error no hacerlo.

2 thoughts on “I Came for Gaudí’s Genius”

  1. Your photos make it look better than it is…! So appreciate your perspective! Couldn’t agree More with the Apple “ Upgrade “!


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