Nájera to Santo Domingo

Today was lots of straight paths through fields, and warm and dry and very windy, but far better than the rain storms predicted. Now in the evening it’s suddenly gotten very cold. Getting to know Spain’s weather!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.

2 thoughts on “Nájera to Santo Domingo”

  1. Are you really walking? Those roads are made for automobiles and other machihes, which I don’t see any sign of. No people, either. Is Espana empty now? Glad to know you are there, at least! D


    1. Yup, really walking. I guess I try to take photos without people; also it is the end of the season for the Camino. Anyone walking the entire thing would face snow and cold at this time of year, so it is wonderfully uncrowded. Very nice!


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