Palas de Rei to Ribadiso de Baixo

Oh, the things I learned today: sharp darts of pain can spring from places on my foot I’ve never felt before; I can get a blister between toes; knees can hurt like hell, and then suddenly feel fine; all discomfort disappears when suddenly discovering a bagpiper in a dense, dark forest; and lastly, hiking 19 miles and climbing 143 flights of stairs might be my limit.

Thank goodness the weather was bright and clear for those 19 miles and 143 flights. Also that the hotel has rooms with large bathtubs, plenty of hot water, and delightful (and strong) gin and tonics made with flashy local gin.

4 thoughts on “Palas de Rei to Ribadiso de Baixo”

    1. Thank you, thank you, Karen. As for the bagpiper, it would have been the start of a magical happy fairy tale! The woods I’d been walking in were so dark – the dirt was black, too – and suddenly I heard the beautiful sound of the pipes, and it was actually joyful, although I guess that hinges on how one feels towards bagpipes . . .


  1. Nancy, your photos are just awesome, and your physical accomplishments are awe inspiring… Thank you for sharing these beautiful highlights. I can only try to imagine the exhaustion you must feel every day, but the fact that you did not sign off with “live all you can, it’s a mistake not to” (or the clever iterations thereof) in the last few posts, is an inkling… Wishing you good rest and lots of strength for the last stretch, Riki


    1. Ha, you noticed that saying has disappeared! I figured no one would notice after seeing it a million times. But, nope, it’s no indication of anything other than “I gotta come up with something new.” And I should tell you that seeing you and Rick head out of the Honomu house on your way up to the falls greatly inspired my walking adventures. True!!!!


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