Sarria to Portomarin

Aha, yea, at last: it did not rain for today’s 15 mile walk. There were actually a few moments of sun and warmth. What a treat.

I’m now in the part of Spain called Galicia, nicknamed Spanish Ireland, for its similar weather and countryside and also for a shared Celtic past. I’m gonna call it Gorgeous Galicia after what I saw today.

That said, I’m also in the last 100 kilometers before the Camino finish line of Santiago. One must walk at least this much to qualify for a certificate, so it’s very popular. Up until today I could walk for hours without seeing another person, but today, not so much. And because these folks are just starting their short walk, they are very energetic and positively talkative. Plus the school groups. Plus the tour buses. Things have definitely changed.

Here are some photos. Hope you enjoy them.

P.S. Playing catch-up with posts due to lack of internet. Plus exhaustion.

2 thoughts on “Sarria to Portomarin”

  1. Beautiful scenery! Personally, I think the people starting at the end should get an * on their certificate, indicating their starting point. Or, you should get a star for your dedication even through questionable weather. Just sayin’.


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