Namaste, India

Ahhhh, 85 degrees (29.5 C), that’s more like it. I’m definitely more comfortable with this than the cold of Spain and the deep, wet chill of Ireland.

But then there’s the air “quality”; when I landed this morning, it was difficult to see much of anything beyond the airplane’s wings. One headline read: “Residents woke up to a pall of grey left behind by acrid smoke from fireworks that remained trapped in the city’s cool air.” Um, “85” cool? Anyway . . .

There’s the fantastic food. And the gorgeous women’s clothing.

But then there’s the rubbish strewn everywhere.

But maybe don’t pay too much attention to me: I had a total of 1.5 hours of “sleep” on an old plane last night . . .

Much more, I’m sure, in the coming days.

P. S. Angela Merkel’s in town, too!