Delhi, Crazy

Today I ventured out of the peaceful (gated) hotel, a fake Delhi where things are orderly, constantly cleaned and quiet, and into real-life Delhi, which is chaotic, crowded, and not exactly clean.

It is difficult for me to take photos that capture this place – my camera captures only slices, and it’s Delhi’s bigness that is its true-self: big population, billions of cars, and stuff just out in the world instead of behind closed doors. People live on the narrow medians of roads, cooking, shaving, and hanging laundry on anything that will hold it.

Young barefoot kids sell stuff on the side of the road, or in the middle of the road; I imagine my kids having to do that and shudder. Traffic jams are enormous; I am reminded why I adore car-less Venice. The smog is intense; I am full of appreciation for Hawaii’s trade winds. The food is fantastic; weight will be gained.

Here are a few photos, street scenes and the Qutb Minar complex. Hope you enjoy them.

6 thoughts on “Delhi, Crazy”

  1. Great photos–and they downloaded right away, unlike many of those from Ireland and Spain. My low-tech brain has no idea why this should be. Meanwhile, enjoy the food but don’t breathe too often.


    1. Yet more mysteries of the Internet. As for your advice regarding food, I will definitely take it, but maybe not so much the breathing part. I’m rather attached to that process . . .


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