Tyger Tyger, burning bright . . .

This morning we left rather early for our entry slot at Ranthambore National Park, the lure of a tiger sighting causing me not to care about the lack of sleep or breakfast. Our park transport was an open Jeep, in the care of a driver and wildlife guide. The “road” through the park was fabulously bumpy, and sitting in the raised-up back seat, I “caught air” numerous times as we rattled rather speedily up hills and across shallow rivers. (The bumps caused my Fitbit to register 313 flights of stairs and 26km of walking!). Deer, antelope, kingfishers, all sorts of wild critters, and then the effectively alarming bellow of a Sambar deer and flights of screeching birds tipped our tracker off, and boom!, a gorgeous lady tiger came in to view. We were able to follow her for some time as she passed through the trees in a rather queenly fashion, even stopping to gaze at us a few times. Wowza!

Enjoy the photos.

Tiger paw print!