Pushkar and the Camel Fair!

Heading west, we left Jaipur for Pushkar, famous both for its only-one-in-India Brahma temple and its camel fair. Also, it is a very religious city, where no meat or alcohol is consumed. Holy personages abound!

The center point of the city is a lake steeped in Hindu myths; my hotel room balcony looks out over it. All year long, this place is popular, but when the camel fair rolls around, it’s even busier; shopping and eating opportunities increase, and there is a separate, adjoining fair with entertainment and rides. It’s all rather exciting.

I thought I was quite lucky to score a balcony room, until I was bombarded with the noise of the devotions – nonstop chanting, loudspeaker sermons, drums and cymbals – and the cacophony of thousands of happy people kept up until 11pm and then resumed at 4am. When I was on the balcony taking in all this hullabaloo, leaning over the rail to catch a shot of a baby monkey, a rather large monkey appeared six inches away from me. Surprise!

Hope you enjoy the photos. I’ll say it again: India is amazing.

The entry of the Pushkar hotel, meant to deter elephants, not tourists.
View from said balcony.
Monkies, but not my monkey.
Camel gear!
I’m not convinced these were bona fide holy men; possibly opportunists taking advantage of tourist season!
Camel negotiating.
This is one of the local breed of horse, with ears that touch at the top.
Young horses are walked through the hubbub to acclimate them.
This one needs a little more time.
Evening devotions.

2 thoughts on “Pushkar and the Camel Fair!”

  1. Wow and more wow. What a feast for the eyes (and possibly soul). Fantastic view. Are you saying that you’re not getting up at 4 to chant?!?


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