Early Morning Pushkar and Jodhpur

Here are some shots of early morning Pushkar: worship and a parade! After that, there was more westward driving to Jodhpur and a visit to Meherangarh Fort.

Not much to say that the pictures can’t convey better, but here’s an un-photographed story. We’re staying in a seeming-posh hotel, but it’s super noisy: there’s the the normal hubbub of traffic/honking; the whistles and clanging of trains; live music in the courtyard; and what sounds like gunshots and explosions (“celebration” I’m told). Plus there’s the usual clanging and popping coming from the pipes; India is LOUD. So, while showering, I heard rustling and some freaky noise outside the shower stall – in the fan vent maybe? Wow, I thought, whatever that is, it sounds just like just doves cooing, I wonder what it is . . .

This is a nice place, and I’m not on the top floor, so imagine my surprise when I got out of the shower and found a feather in the sink.

I was reminded today that the tourism marketing phrase for this country is “Incredible India.”

I quite agree.

Elephant saddle!
The second-hand sari market.