Udaipur Redux Redux

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that we visited a collective of artists, some of whom paint traditional miniatures. One of the tiny brushes uses camel eyelashes for fine painting; the even finer strokes use squirrel-tail hairs. I was told the eyelashes are removed from camels who died, but the squirrels are distracted with peanuts before being plucked. This information was imparted with complete seriousness, but I think some Indians enjoy fooling the gullible.

Anyway, this morning we visited the gardens called Saheliyon-ki-Bari and then attended a cooking class where we ate the finished product. I have decided I’m moving to India in order to eat this fantastic food morning, noon, and night. And go on a yoga retreat. And be awakened by the sounds of the early morning worship. And maybe start a trash pick-up awareness program . . . India is indeed incredible, and also very trashy.

As for the tailor made clothes . . . That didn’t turn out as I expected. I had this idea that being measured and having clothes made especially for me meant they’d fit well and accentuate the positive, but OMG, that was not the case. See photograph below of one pair of pants I had made.

The day ended with another lovely roof-top dinner. I had a dish called Dum Aloo Kashmiri, and it was so unbelievably delicious. Heaven in a bowl.

Here are some photos. I hope the image of my new “pants” makes you laugh.

One of my neighbors.