Goa in Some Detail

Oh baby baby it’s a wild world . . . You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes. These are the lyrics I hear coming from a bar on the beach as I write this on my little patch of gorgeous outside my room. So, yeah, Goa is pretty Western after all.

Although the tour itinerary touted this day as “relaxing and exploring at leisure” that was not the case. But it turned out to be good thing even though I had certainly been looking forward to a day of la dolce far niente.

We began the day with a local guide who took us through Velha (old Goa) and the churches of Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Chapel of Santa Catarina (I think). The guide, whom I liked very much, is a trained classical Indian dancer; she showed me some videos of her performances and did the awesome neck slide so famous in that type of dance. Pretty cool.

Next we visited a spice farm, where I learned some cool stuff about various spices, but the last act of the day turned out to be something I won’t soon forget: a visit to an Indian cashew processing facility. I will never, ever look at a cashew – something I eat quite a bit of – the same.

Enjoy the photos.

At first I thought this Saint was taking a selfie. Everyone takes selfies. All day. All the time.