Ok, Well, That Was Unpleasant

I’ve taken some marvelous train journeys – Australia’s Ghan and Indian Pacific and the sleek French TGV come to mind – but last night’s Indian train journey was anything but. I’d both been aware of the level of train service in India and knew that this overnighter was on the tour itinerary, but I’d assumed from the standard of the hotel accommodations that the train trip was to be acceptable, maybe comfortable, definitely clean. But you know that saying about making assumptions . . .

Prior to boarding, our tour guide had much repeated, “No visit to India is complete without an overnight train trip.” After boarding the train last evening, my tour mate much repeated, “This is grim.” So, ok, my India trip experience is complete; I have had my India overnight train experience. Please don’t make me ever do it again.

Alas, most unfortunately, we have one more such journey. Yuck. Photos not available. Use your imagination, and then quadruple the ick-factor.

Anyway, the purpose of the train journey was to get us to Kerala in South India, and here we are. It is very much not as I had romanticized, and actually reminds me of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We took an evening boat trip around the harbor and the several islands in the bay, and there was a dramatically beautiful sunset, but alas again, my camera wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t able to get a perfect shot. Do what you can with these.

4 thoughts on “Ok, Well, That Was Unpleasant”

  1. Love the photos as always! Your worst is still something to write home about… thanks for sharing the train info. I had wanted to take one but heard they were horrid …


  2. What would a trip be without a good horror story?! I hope all your other adventures are positive ones. You still managed some great photos.


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