Kingdom of Coconuts

Kerala, the land of coconuts! It’s a very tropical place, and distinct from other Indian states: it’s cleaner and the literacy rate is the highest at 95%. Vasco de Gama perished here; it boasts the oldest European church in India (1503). They don’t speak Hindi. Ayurveda is widely practiced. It’s on the Arabian Sea along the Malabar Coast (geez, that’s cool to report!).

Yesterday I mentioned the area’s similarity to South Florida; one main distinction is that fishing boat crews don’t chant as they haul up the fishing nets, not that I recall anyway.

I learned a new word today; the guide spoke of the elderly, and then included the youngerly.

The evening concluded by attending a Kathakali dance performance; yet another superior travel experience. Hope you enjoy the photos.

A bit of Vegas, my tour mate suggested.

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