Over Pretty Mountains to Bustling Madurai

Today’s journey was fantastic. After a lovely sunrise, we headed up over the mountains on winding roads for several hours, and then on to the plains of the Vaigai River Valley. Sometimes the road was a torn up, potholed nightmare, and then suddenly it would change to smooth and easy, kind of an apt description of many of my Indian experiences.

Madurai is made up of mainly low-rise and colorful buildings, but it is huge and noisy and traffic-jammed nonetheless. Fortunately, tonight’s hotel is a 62-acre tree-covered oasis in the middle of the crazy, and when we arrived, music started up, flower petals were showered down from above, and a fancifully dressed man escorted me to reception under a colorful parasol where we were presented with cold clothes and delicious rehydrating drinks.

Later, we visited the Tirumalai Nayak Palace, which suffers with supreme neglect, and then the Sri Meenakshi Temple, which was majorly amazing, but again, no photos, only this time for security reasons.

I had a few brushes with authority today: first, after being frisked by security guards at the temple, I was sent out twice, once for my Fitbit and then once again for an extra SD camera card in a pocket. Later in the evening, I was escorted back to a police station and questioned after having photographed its front; that got my heart racing, but in the end I was not hauled off to India jail.

Here are some more photos. Hope you can see and enjoy them.

A room with a view.
That’s last night’s hotel there, perched among the trees.
From this . . .
. . . to that.
The offending photo.

7 thoughts on “Over Pretty Mountains to Bustling Madurai”

  1. Nancy! As we head into Thanksgiving week, THANK YOU for your fabulous travelogue! Your pictures plus words are worth far more than a thousand! Please stay out of trouble! I need my regular dose of SchinyPost!


  2. The detail in the Sri Meenakshi Temple is almost unbelievable. Stunning! I think your hotel knew how special you are, hence the grand entrance. So glad you’re not in jail.


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