Tanjore Sightseeing

Today I’m sending two posts: one with the day’s explorations and then a separate one of a specific nature for anyone interested.

Before I forget, here is the name of a church I passed: Evan G. L. Cal.

First stop today was the Brihadeshwara Temple, which, I learned, is quite similar to Angor Wat, which dulls the pain somewhat of not having been there in person. I also learned that originally all the Indian temples were this same rust color; the colorful ones, as in Madurai, were only given their bright colors 350 years ago. I like ‘em both ways.

Also on today’s agenda was the Thanjavur Palace, which contained a lovely collection of Chola bronzes and over 30,000 fascinating manuscripts. (Chola: a long-ruling South Indian dynasty.) I’ve included one photo of the graceful bronzes below; if you’d like to see more, check out today’s other blog post.

Lastly was a visit to a family business creating beautiful art and lost wax statues. See the process below. So cool! Enjoy!

Filming a Bollywood movie! The street was choked with gawkers.
Optical illusion!
Forming the wax.
A wax arm!
Fashioning the fingers.
Ta da!
Finished form inside sandy mud.
Pouring molten metal inside.
Smashing the hardened covering.
Drop in bucket of water to cool the metal.
Et, voila!