(For Real!) Pondicherry/Puducherry

(Oops, accidentally clicked ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’ earlier, and then the Internet has been dodgy ever since. Here is the finished product, finally.)

This is a city with a rather interesting and diverse past, a past that is partially reflected in its varied architecture, although I can’t prove that since my viewing of the city was done from the back of a bicycle-powered rickshaw over uneven roads: all my photos of buildings are blurry and/or askew, dang it.

Pondicherry also a beach town on the Indian Ocean and the site of the enormous Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Life of Pi is partially set and was partially filmed here. Elephants walk down the street, and people make donations in order to be “blessed” by one.

On the way there, there we visited a beautiful temple at Kumbakonam, with its bas-reliefs and stone carvings of ancient daily and fanciful lives. We had to wade through water to enter, courtesy of recent heavy rains.

During the drive, a crocodile was lurking in one of the many rivers we passed over. Not too far from it, humans (kids!) were also in the water. Yikes.

Yes, a very interesting place.

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