Into The Heart of Kolkata

So, I’d read ahead that a visit to a Calcutta flower market was part of today’s itinerary, but I was not prepared for a flower market such as this. I think “astonished” is a good word choice for how I felt while meandering its narrow and crowded throughways, but words nor photos can aptly describe this place.

We also visited a district famous for creating the three-dimensional figures for religious festivals; see the before and after shots below. We rode the oldest operating electric tram in Asia, which will not win any comfort awards; we had lunch at a famous coffee house known for its intellectual clientele; we rode a ferry on the River Hooghly, gliding under the Howrah Bridge, crossed by millions everyday, before catching another overnight train (yikes) for Varanasi.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Enter8 g the potters’ street, with the figures are made.
Ta da!
Coffee house waiter, as in we sure waited.
Calcutta train station. It’s ginormous.

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