Beta Readers, are you out there? And willing?

Dear Reader,

I am writing a book about my college mentor. I am seeking two or three beta readers to help me along. I already have thousands of pages of notes, but before I continue, I want to get reader reaction to the current approach I’m taking. Anyone who reads this blog already has an idea of my writing style, but the book is definitely NOT about travel!

The name of the book is Too Cheerful in the Morning. The Wordsworth quote is a copy of an index card my mentor had tacked to his office wall – he’s the kind of guy who would tack up a quote like that, so that gives you an idea of the person I’m writing about, I hope. Do not expect a scandalous exposé!

I’m not looking for an editor (although pointing out mistakes would be welcome). Mainly, I want to know: do you want to keep reading? Does the narrative confuse? Is it laced with non sequiturs?

Positive and CONSTRUCTIVE feedback welcome – I need honesty, but if you think what I’ve done so far is awful or boring, please try to say it in a way that lets me know but doesn’t crush! Also, you should probably already enjoy reading non-fiction / memoirs / biographies.

I’m asking folks to read a few thousand words of the beginning of the book, so not a big time investment.

If you’re willing, let me know why in the comments section (I won’t make your comment public). If we’re a fit, I’ll send a pdf directly to the email you use to subscribe to this blog.

Thanks in advance,


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