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Puente La Reina to Cirauqui, a Public Wine Fountain, and the Most Gorgeous, Excellent Winery Tour!

A shorter amount of walking today, for which the lower half of my body is extremely grateful. The day also included a visit to a government-sponsored free wine fountain and a spectacular winery!

The winery was the Marqués de Riscal, and the exquisite building attached to it was designed by Frank Gerry. The tour was super cool because it’s harvest time, and the dark, sweet, juicy, sticky grapes were being sorted, de-stemed, and crushed right before my eyes. The fresh grapes were divine tasting, and the rioja wine made from them was too.

Lastly I visited a cathedral in the city of Logroño that holds a small Michelangelo, and I do believe I was very nearly pick pocketed; when I unconsciously performed my automatic pocket-checking routine, I discovered a previously Velcroed-shut pocket opened and a credit card, my driver’s license, and hotel room card were pulled halfway out. Feeling really lucky right now. The day could have ended much differently!

So, beware dark churches.

Live all you can. And check your pockets.

Wow, I’m walking (*part of) the Camino de Santiago

I got my scallop shell and took my first steps this morning, and oh, what a perfectly gorgeous day it was. Now I’m at a hotel in Pamplona. I’m only here one night, but it’s Friday night, and almost a full moon, and the streets are full of people shopping, drinking, laughing; no bulls detected. Fortunately.

But I’ve got to get some sleep now; hope my legs don’t hurt so much for tomorrow’s hike.

Enjoy the photos.

*This trip is supposed to cover 278 KM/173 miles; the entire version of this way is 780 kilometers/485 miles.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to, and the people of Spain on a Friday night are a good example. As are the Camino pilgrims.