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I read and I learn and I feel much gratitude

I read The Economist, which usually makes me so sad, as much of its international reporting is about atrocious and cruel people, including recent stories about the murder of journalists and bloggers. I am so lucky to live where I live.

I’m also reading a biography of Albert Einstein. This is the first time I have ever thought of him as a human being! He was always mythical to me, I suppose, as I’m surprised to learn he had girlfriend problems, couldn’t find work early on, and felt unappreciated. He was a guy, albeit a guy with an amazing brain, but he was just one of us after all, and his life’s trajectory, and that of all humankind, could have been altered ten millions of ways had he turned a different corner somewhere.

One more cool thing about starting a blog: I’m learning correct meanings of words and terms I’ve used incorrectly all my life. That’s worth the price of admission!

Proust Questionnaire Question of the Day: What do you most dislike about your appearance?

That I often glance in the mirror and I’m not smiling.